The Creative Entrepeneur 2

The Creative Entrepeneur 2

This was my first Etsy package I send out last year:
It was send to a lovely girl in London.

This time let’s talk about setting your DREAMGOALS.

A good way of practicing your entrepreneur skills is setting your goals. If you are (working as) a creative you already know how to do this: you want to finish that great drawing (or photo or whatever it is you love to do) and/or meet your deadlines in time.

But what about things that you dream of, like: illustrate beautiful postcards for Red Cap Cards, illustrating for the Australian Frankie Magazine, making ceramics for Anthropologie or even some dreams like: living 5 months per year in a finca in Ibiza, or traveling to Argentina.

Last year I learned two important lessons about setting goals:
1.While I was doing an online blogging course at Skillshare which is focused on ‘Learning for Creatives’ I learned many things about being an entrepreneur. One of the most important things I learned, is what my teacher Andrea Goulet Ford told me: A GOAL IS A DREAM WITH A DEADLINE. This is a quote coming from Napoleon Hill, a begin 20th century writer, famous for his book ‘Think and grow rich’. So: when you have a dream, a vague goal, make it clear, and put a deadline on it! So you might just want to have Red Cap Cards having your card in it’s collection 2 years from now…

2.Lot’s of people know this, but I didn’t (and in fact I think a lot of us creatives don’t, so I say it anyway). Goals are most likely to succeed when they follow the SMART principles.This means your goals should be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. My dream was ‘Selling stuff on internet’. Last year I translated this to the SMART goal: ‘I want to sell at least 5 products to International clients in 2014’. And guess what! It worked! It forced me to change my website and blog, change my Etsy shop, set up a Society6 shop, and to do a lot more promotional activities.

So having a ‘Dream with a deadline’ really works, and following the SMART principles works to. Now what might be limiting a bit is the ‘Realistic’ part of the SMART. We should dream BIG dreams don’t we? What if I hadn’t set out for a realistic but modest 5 sells, but 50 instead? Maybe it wouldn’t exactly have met up to this 50, but maybe I would have had 35 sells, because I worked a little bit more dedicated towards this goal. I wouldn’t be disappointed at all with that ‘lousy’ 35! So don’t be to modest in our goal setting.I would swap Realistic for something like ‘Dreamalistic’.

When you find the time I would definitely check out the courses Skillshare has to offer to creatives. The online teachers are great, and it’s very affordable.

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