Spring Workshop Illustration

Spring Workshop Illustration

This march Claudi Kessels and I gave another Illustration workshop. This time we had 11 super talented participants, and a lot of fun! It is just so rewarding to see what people make, and also to see how everyone inspires each other.

The beautiful prune drawing above is by Martijntje van Schooten (I really love those colors!). This was one of the ingredients she drew for the first workshop day with was all about illustrating recipes.

The Garland above is a ‘motivational garland’ Cynthia Borst made during our second workshop day, which was about making collages and garlands.

Claudi and I were (as always) really thankful for the group of wonderful people that came together:

Anita van Oosterbosch
Jaqueline Storm
Muriel van der Meer Mohr
Marielle Hoekstra
Martijntje van Schooten
Nicola Kloosterman
Cynthia Borst
Laura de Grave
Sofieke Sparla
Naomi den Besten
Petra van Brecht

Claudi and I will be making plans again for an upcoming workshop! If you want us to keep you posted on any next events, please send Claudi Kessels or me a little mail and we’ll let you know about any new plans!

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