The Creative Entrepeneur 5

The Creative Entrepeneur 5

When you have a creative job like me, driven by your passion and ambitions, and also being a human being that wants to lead a healthy and valuable life, maybe the toughest thing about this job is deciding to say no sometimes. Saying no to one thing, gives you the freedom to do the other thing (wether this is another creative assignment or spending time with your son), but what if saying no is ‘the most stupid thing you’ll ever do’…

Image by Giesla Hoelscher appeared in UPPERCASE magazine. (Hangs in our toilet).

Why is it so hard? There are many BELIEFS on why you should or should not take on the assignment or commitment. Many of those beliefs are not real. Some beliefs might be real, but you should check if they are, and maybe in the end it isn’t that bad when they are.

Beliefs like: ‘they will never ask me again’, ‘they will think I’m arrogant’, ‘they will think I’m ungratefull’, ‘I should do it, because it is family’, ‘I’m to expensive for them’, ‘they will find someone else’. All these beliefs stand in the way of a clear mind and a clear focus on what it is that you REALLY SHOULD do.

This year I treated myself to a Workshop from Bespoke Coaching, founded by the lovely miss Joanna Krolikowska. The workshop was about finding and keeping your focus. Not by excluding any distraction from your work, but by finding out what those beliefs actually were, and tacle them, so you can stick to your personal goals (work related as well as life related!). One of the words that Joanna spoke was to find CLARITY. This is the word I always have in mind when I feel that my decision is right.

I wrote this post with my son in mind, who today became 4 years old and is now ready to go to school. Love him to bits!

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