Since our little 3-headed family is struggling with autumn flu at the moment, I thought I make it a bit easy on myself for now, by conveniently reposting the guest posts I did for Flow Magazine last september.

Flow Magazine posted an English version om my text on the International Flow site. Thank you Flow!

So here I am, ‘copy-pasting’ my earlier post for you to read… Easy does it.
Take care folks!
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Hello dear Flow blog readers,

My name is Valesca van Waveren and I work as a fulltime illustrator in my own studio in Amsterdam. In my guest blogs I will give you a glimpse into my life and show you what inspires me. I find it a great honor that Flow has asked me to do this and I hope to be able to bring you fun surprises in the next four posts, and to inspire you. At my site you can see the things I make and my own blog every week.


In the past seven years I have been making illustrations for various magazines, including Flow, VPRO Gids, Vrij Nederland, Opzij, Margriet More, Libelle and Jamie Magazine. As well as illustrations for assignments, I make my own work, and two years ago I discovered the joy of working with ceramics, which gives me all kinds of new possibilities.


Sometimes I work in watercolor and pencil, other times I make line drawings with ink, or I work with clay. While I can work out my designs in all kinds of different ways, the main ingredients are always time, love and attention. I love the imperfections that are inherent to handmade work. It shows a kind of vulnerability so that it is easier to make contact with the object when you look at it.


I really like drawing objects. Only when you draw something do you really see how it’s put together. Especially things with buttons and knobs, like old cameras or typewriters, are great to draw. For Libelle Blos (out 4 September) I have been drawing illustrations of old board games. It’s a lovely assignment, because I love the colors they used to use, the worn down corners on the old boxes, and the old-style typography.


Many of the things and people who inspire me can be seen on Pinterest (valescawaveren) and Instagram (valescavanwaveren).

My next post will be about my love for ceramics and the process of working with clay. How it changes from being a lump of clay to a ceramics hanger or little pot.

Until next week,

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