Kalopsia window

Kalopsia window

It was really nice to meet Roos Petrie, the owner of ‘Doorless shop’ Kalopsia at Haarlemmerdijk 171 in Amsterdam. She makes a new ‘still life’ in her window display every month, with inspiring products around that month’s theme. This month the theme was ‘Let it Rain’, an ode to rain.

The idea behind the window is that everything we see influences the way we feel and think about things.

Beautiful things can uplift you and inspire you. I think it’s wonderful how Roos changes our view on windows, and by doing so, she makes life a little more beautiful.

I hade fun making a lot of different drops, to celebrate rain. Also a pink cloud in the back. When the light shines in the window, you can see shades of drops coming out of the cloud.

Rainproof– info on Rainprojects in Amsterdam
Waterdicht Amsterdam Anorak Raincape
The Brelli -Brelli, awesome umbrella that looks like a parasol!
Wollepop -second hand rainbow boots (I had them to when I was a kid!)
For the Koga Miyata bike, you can contact Roos Petrie.

Kalopsia is now featured in the 5th edition of Flow Magazine.

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