Quirky bread made possible

Quirky bread made possible

KLOPPER&STOLK packaging1

KLOPPER&STOLK Bakery is just around the corner of our studio in the South of Amsterdam. They bake in a traditional way and I absolutely love there croissants, ‘Oberlander’ bread, and the bread with little sunflower seeds on it.

Baker Jan asked me to design store flags and packaging for them. Something happy, and something traditional at the same time. The design process was really easy this time. I showed them what I wanted to do. The liked it. I made it. SO. We are all at once happy with the result. I feel lucky that Klopper&Stolk were open to such a design which is (although traditional in typography), very modern and quirky.

It makes me so happy to think of all the people that have this funny bread in their houses, and eating from out of the bags I made. Thank you Klopper&Stolk for being such a great client.

Visit KLOPPER&STOLK in Amsterdam at
Amstelveenseweg 95
Kinkerstraat 75

For further reading, here’s some great thoughts about roomboter in an interview by Hard//Hoofd Hiske Versprille with KLOPPER&STOLK.

KLOPPER&STOLK packaging2

KLOPPER&STOLK packaging3

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