If you aren’t on Instagram yet, this might be the moment to do so! From the 19th of April it will be the start of the 100 day project. You commit to doing something you feel passionate about for 100 days. I am quit sure this will feed your creativity. When I said out loud: I want to make a pattern a day I already felt quite nervous! But very soon after that while doing day to day chores like cutting vegetables I thought: hey, if this could ‘count’ as a pattern, then I will manage. I can lay out those carrots in a certain way so it makes a pattern. So I’ll manage. I think!
If you are up to setting a challenge too, hashtag with #the100dayproject. Or follow my daily pattern making (good and bad!) on my instafeed.



Thanks to Ella Luna Pictures above are from her instafeed!
The Great Discontent also organized this in 2015, check out their site for some more inspiration!

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