The Creative Entrepeneur 3

The Creative Entrepeneur 3

Hello there! I thought it was time for another post on being a creative entrepreneur! This time I will let you in how to make the work you really WANT to maken, and how to do more of that.
Working as an illustrator for 8 years, I have experienced that when you work for a client, there often is not so much time, or freedom (either from you or from the client) to play around and discover something new.

To make more space for some real magic to happen, you need to start making some work just for yourself. Now let me tell you a secret. Flow Magazine asked me: ‘Can you draw us a quote?’ (YES! I WOULD LOOOOVE TO!) ‘And you have 3 days for it’… (EEEEHM).

And then I made this:

Now. Off course I couldn’t have done this in 3 days. At all.
The secret is, I had already started to make another quote, just for fun, earlier that year. It was my 2014 ‘mantra’ I talked about in my earlier Creative Entrepeneur post: ‘A GOAL IS A DREAM WITH A DEADLINE’. I actually re-used lots of element picked out of illustrations I had made since graduation from art academy. So you could in fact say, that this illustration has cost me 8 years to become what it is… This is what the illustration looked like, before Flow asked me to illustrate the quote by Goethe:
I think it the image got a lot better (more balanced). And I think it was just because of this REAL deadline involved.

Now here is another one. The first assignment I got for Margriet’s specials was to illustrate all these little animals that are healthy for your garden. I loved the assignment, and it was a great start of many really nice assignments I got from Margriet. I mean: the assignments that seem to ‘fit’.


BUT! The reason I GOT this assignment in the first place is because I drew this collection of plants first, just for fun and my love for the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam.

So to make a long story short. When you do what you love, and you do it just for fun, it can get noticed, and it brings you to the sort of assignments you like best! So even if it is hard sometimes to find the time to do anything next to your ‘usual work’, you have to force yourself to make some time for real magic to happen!

That’s it. I hope you like my posts on being a Creative Entrepeneur, and hope you find them inspiring. If you like the Goethe Quote or the image of plants, you can also take a look in my Etsy shop. Thanks!

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