QUOTES for Flow

QUOTES for Flow

For Flow’s Mindfulness and Creativity Special I illustrated 7 quotes. Quotes that come at the right moment in your life are like sort of a coach that help you through something. Something to cope with, something to achieve, or some change of perspective that you were looking for. Sometimes it helps to remember what matters most. I collect some of the best quotes on my pinterest.

So off course I was really pleased to make these quotes for Flow’s Special. And even more so that one of the quotes got chosen as the cover! How cool is that?! Soon the English version will be there.
The picture of the cover was made by Kimberly Russel who has a beautiful blog about Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle with a natural twist.

Emmy Storm made a lovely animation of this issue, where you can see many more of these quotes and the rest of this issue. I am so proud to be in this one, and truly in love with all the nice goodies inside, like a long table cloth that you can colour in and air balloon garland by Anita Makhoul (I think her work is amazing!)

Picture above by IMAKIN – DIY Design who wrote a great blogpost about this Flow issue.

Picture of the back again by Kimberly Russel.
You can order your own copy of the Mindfulness and Creativity issue at Flow’s website. And also, for some more inspirational quotes (many in Dutch): quotes that inspire.

Be inspired!

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