New Everything

New Everything


Welcome to my new site After 7 years of working under the name of Valezki and getting to know more and more what it is what I want to do and make, it was time to become more transparent.

So here I am. Valesca van Waveren at Here you will find my portfolio, with everything I love to make. Vintage, botanics, cute stuff, ceramics and more: take a look!

This blog will be about the bits and pieces of life that I love. You will find some of my work in progress, places or events I love to go and new work that I made. I hope to inspire or raise a little smile from time to time.

Earlier blogposts you can read right here:

So far about the new site and new blog! What else is new…

I’ve moved to a new studio! My studiomate Aura Scaringi from Mimimou and me are still inside The Winkel van Schinkel (at the 2e Schinkelstraat 39-43, 1075 TR Amsterdam) BUT moved inside the building. We have a lovely light and bright place were we work as much as we can.

It was our dream to have a little shop (in REAL LIFE). In a corner of our studio we made a little space to show our guests what we have in store. We call it Boutique Fantastique. Cause that’s wat it is.

Hope you drop by in our little (analog) Boutique Fantastique , but only one at the time please. Cause… well, we need time to draw. And good things take time.

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