Mapping Amsterdam

Mapping Amsterdam

On June 14th Claudi Kessels and I gave a workshop on how to make a map. It was our first time we gave our workshop at the inspiring Atelier Oosterbosch. This meant we could start of right in the centre of Amsterdam and take a nice walk to the Bickerseiland. The lovely old Amsterdam Warehouses, the water, and the flowers in full bloom made it a really beautiful starting Point.
Taking back all our reference materials we started with making maps back at the atelier. One of our participants, Herma Starreveld, made a really nice ‘making of’ blogpost about it, including a little movie showing her map!

First time in Atelier Oosterbosch! On the left you see Claudi Kessels
Flowers and a cat on a purrrfect spot- Bickerseiland
The map of Herma Starreveld, go to‘making of’
Again we had some awesome talents at our table! You might want to check out there works:
Herma Starreveld
Jaqueline Storm
Marielle Hoekstra (SOONOK)
Caroline Vieira
Larisa Wiegant
Susanne Steenkamp
Thalysia van Esch (Stokwolf)
Martijntje van Schooten
Anita Oosterbosch

Claudi and I are making new workshop plans for after the summer holidays! If you would like some more information about that mail Claudi at or me at



  • June 18, 2016

    Thank you for being on your website! I would love to hear more about your workshops after the summer holiday’s! I would love to be there!

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