Make mistakes!

Make mistakes!

For the Dutch educational magazine Prikkels I illustrated an article about the importance of making mistakes. In the process of creation, wether this is art or in scientific experiments making mistakes leads to some true developments. I loved illustrating this article because this is something I sincerely believe in. And what was a really funny coincidence was that the person being interviewed about the subject is Astrid Poot, who was my super inspiring supervisor during the internship I did at IJsfontein 10 years ago. We worked together with a great team on some really cool projects, and she gave me a lot of responsibility as an intern, which makes you feel like your creativity counts and can move mountains. One of the projects was designing a website together with 10 elementary school kids. And that’s what we did, in between making mistakes and eating pancakes.




The Prikkels assignment was commissioned by Ykeswerk

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