Kitchen Walls

Kitchen Walls

So cool! Kitchen Walls asked me to design a wallpaper especially for kitchens. A brand new, revolutonaire product. The wallpapers are waterproof, heat resistant, very easy to clean an reusable. I think it’s a great alternative for kitchen tiles. It is a lot more friendly for your wallet, but most important: doing the dishes will be a lot more fun!
kitchenwalls_keukenbehang_VW001_vierkant_Valesca van Waveren
kitchenwalls_designer collection_valesca van waveren_VW001

My other designs for Kitchenwalls:
The one with the green stains
The one with the blue stains
All wallpapers can be ordered at, size 60×300 cm, 145 euro (incl.21% VAT). Delivery time 1-2 weeks


  • April 9, 2015

    Oh, it is just a total delight! What a wonderful opportunity for you and such a gorgeous product! If I wasn’t renting, I’d definitely want to get my hands on some for my kitchen!

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