Figs and Pools

Figs and Pools

And we’re back!
I hope you have enjoyed my guest posts on ceramics in the meanwhile at flow magazine.

We have spend some lovely eight days on Crete. It was the first really relaxed holiday together with our son Levi. He is now three years old, and boy, what a change! No more crying on the plane: YES! Playing with sand (not eating it), and making plans together: “Let’s go to the dinosaur park mum!” And what about distilling the milk bottle, bringing milk powder from home, spoons, pacifiers etc.: no need anymore.

We had such a good time. Levi learned how to swim (with ‘bandjes’ on off course). Our apartment complex inhabited around fifty people was run by a really nice and guest free family. And the Garden… Absolutely beautiful. It was filled with fresh figs, banana’s, pomegranates, grapes and flowers.

Greece unfortunately might not be so fruitful economically speaking at the moment, but boy: what an abundance of nature and kindness. Thank you Crete for sharing your overwhelming beauty.


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