A romantic french flower

A romantic french flower

Pink, purple and white. Those where the three colors of the romantic Bouvardia flowers that I had to design a package for. What a lovely assignment. The flowers are very sweet and candy like, so this is the feeling we needed to look for. It turned out a combination of watercolor paint for the flowers and pen for the leaves.

This Bouvardia was named Bellevardia ®, after a famous French physician in ordinary to His Majesty at the court of Louis XIII in the 17th century, Charles Bouvard. It was a beloved plant in the Jardin des Plantes, the botanical gardens in Paris, that monsieur Bouvard had founded.

Bellevardia ® package design was commissioned by Boerenjongens for Royal van Zanten, in coöperation with my agency Artbox Centre for Creation

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