The sadness of losing someone

The 3th illustration for the weekends edition of the Dutch/Amsterdam Newspaper Het Parool for a series of articles called ‘The Vuurdoop’ (in which  people who are afraid to take the first step are getting a little support).
This one was about a woman who was afraid to go walking though the forest again where she used to walk with her husband and dog. Both have past away, and this is the first time she walks alone. Haunted by memories and a little bit scared of meeting the dog-owners she used to greet when all was fine.
For me making this illustration was very personal. We all have our different ways of mourning, and I can say: it’s a really lonely thing to do. Not only do you miss the person (for me this was my dad), but no one exactly knows how you feel, and sometimes your feelings come so unexpected, even to yourself, which makes it hard for the people around you to know when and how they can help you.
What helped me the most was fun memories that people shared about my dad. To know that he had really meant something to people. That he had been, and still is important to them. I hope this article together with my illustration help a just tiny bit to be more open about death and mourning.