The coral vase

Decisions, decisions… At Keramiek Centrum Amsterdam I worked on this coral vase for a couple of months. I build the vase out of rolls of clay, which took some weeks, so I had to keep the clay wet. After decorating the clay with little holes, it went into the oven and I had to decide on which color of glaze I would use. From the beginning I had this vision of a coral vase (the form), but could not decide on the color. I used little tests to see the result. And so it became a coral colored coral vase! It is still a work in proces actually, because I’m not decided on which flowers to go in it… (think the next bouquet could be a lot more ‘simple’or quiet)This is one of the big differences between working in assignment or working on an autonomous project. There is no deadline, so you can continue to doubt every single thing on and on. IMG_2941