Hear Hear Hooray!

Hear Hear, the two story high shop in Amsterdam celebrated it’s 3th birthday the beginning of this month. Owner Rena started out 3 years ago. It happened all because of some beautiful Baggu bags from the States that she fell in love with. She wanted one for her self but it turned out that it was a great deal to buy them in a bigger bunch and sell them to her friends. The beginning of THE coolest shop in Amsterdam. You can still feel the organic way in which this shop was founded, all the beautiful stuff that is there are the things that Rena loves to surround her self with. When in Amsterdam: please visit and dream away! And check out Rena’s ceramics and the beautiful Red Cap Cards. Also you can find some of my newest cards there, like the folded Partybird card!
Pictures above: the shop and owner Rena photographed by On a Hazy Morning (instagram takeover)


Red Cap Cards and some of my own!

Partybird folded card