TIME TO LIVE exhibition at Friday Next

Yesterday evening we celebrated the opening of my exhibition at Friday Next. The exhibition can be seen until the end of november.

Friday Next had given me the complete freedom to style and decorate the whole downstairs interior. I loved the tiles on the floor already, which are brown, blue, grey and yellow, which was a great starting point. I painted dots on the walls, and handpicked lots of wonderful things from the shop, to use as styling material. It was in this way actually my first styling assignment ever.

I was really lucky to be given so much freedom, and to play around to create a really nice atmosphere to view my prints in.

Drop by at Overtoom 31. Oh, and be sure to go DOWNSTAIRS and mind your step.

Picture by Iris Floor for Friday Next on instagram.


Old toys and games

mikado drawing

I love to draw things, especially old things. Things that have gone through hands, through time, and have therefore a story to tell. They are used, have rusty parts, or parts that are worn out.

So I was really happy when Libelle Blos called me to draw some vintage toys and games. I cannot show you everything yet, cause it is still a surprise. But I can show something of the work in progress.

When I draw I mostly start out with a fineliner pencil. So the drawing is actually black and white until I scan it into my computer. There I change the colors and combine it with other scans of painted layers. I love the combination of making something hand drawn, and the computer giving me the freedom to play with it until I get it right.

Here you see the result of one of the games, but there is 13 more! Libelle Blos will be out on the 4th of september.



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