Proudly represented by…

Ladies and gentlemen. From now on I can simply say:
‘Please contact my agent for further inquiries’.
I’m officially represented by Artbox > centre for creation.

I’m very exited and also curious what assignments will follow, it feels like the start of a new journey in my illustration career. I feel very proud to be part of Artbox, since they have a great bunch of artist they represent. Not only in illustration, but also animation&film, photography, image manipulation, CGI/3D, and interaction. And there I go, with my hand drawn/painted works…

A big HOORAY to the fact that nowadays there is a great commercial market not only for the ‘hardcore’ digital stuff, but also for the handmade ‘soft’ art.



Comfort food

I love to eat. And I love to draw. So I loved this assignment for Margriet’s Special about food! The spread I made is all about food that makes you happy.

My favourite ‘happy foods’ are: baked eggs, chocolate, chips, cheese, bacon pancakes with sweet syrup, ice-cream… in fact everything that is bad for you. But I think it’s really good for me. Now and then. I am an -ups and downs- kinda person, so my food might as well be just like that: sometimes good, sometimes bad. MMMMM!






Margriet Body Special


Dutch magazine Margriet has got a lovely NEW body special. All kinds of inspiration to have a healthier and happier body. Like dancing, or moving your fingers through the soft hairs of your little dog. I made this spread about enjoying with all of your senses.


I’m actually starting to have a large collection of these spreads with little drawings now! Maybe it would be nice to make a little book with all these little inspirational drawings together…


The Creative Entrepeneur 2

This was my first Etsy package I send out last year:
It was send to a lovely girl in London.

This time let’s talk about setting your DREAMGOALS.

A good way of practicing your entrepreneur skills is setting your goals. If you are (working as) a creative you already know how to do this: you want to finish that great drawing (or photo or whatever it is you love to do) and/or meet your deadlines in time.

But what about things that you dream of, like: illustrate beautiful postcards for Red Cap Cards, illustrating for the Australian Frankie Magazine, making ceramics for Anthropologie or even some dreams like: living 5 months per year in a finca in Ibiza, or traveling to Argentina.

Last year I learned two important lessons about setting goals:
1.While I was doing an online blogging course at Skillshare which is focused on ‘Learning for Creatives’ I learned many things about being an entrepreneur. One of the most important things I learned, is what my teacher Andrea Goulet Ford told me: A GOAL IS A DREAM WITH A DEADLINE. This is a quote coming from Napoleon Hill, a begin 20th century writer, famous for his book ‘Think and grow rich’. So: when you have a dream, a vague goal, make it clear, and put a deadline on it! So you might just want to have Red Cap Cards having your card in it’s collection 2 years from now…

2.Lot’s of people know this, but I didn’t (and in fact I think a lot of us creatives don’t, so I say it anyway). Goals are most likely to succeed when they follow the SMART principles.This means your goals should be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. My dream was ‘Selling stuff on internet’. Last year I translated this to the SMART goal: ‘I want to sell at least 5 products to International clients in 2014’. And guess what! It worked! It forced me to change my website and blog, change my Etsy shop, set up a Society6 shop, and to do a lot more promotional activities.

So having a ‘Dream with a deadline’ really works, and following the SMART principles works to. Now what might be limiting a bit is the ‘Realistic’ part of the SMART. We should dream BIG dreams don’t we? What if I hadn’t set out for a realistic but modest 5 sells, but 50 instead? Maybe it wouldn’t exactly have met up to this 50, but maybe I would have had 35 sells, because I worked a little bit more dedicated towards this goal. I wouldn’t be disappointed at all with that ‘lousy’ 35! So don’t be to modest in our goal setting.I would swap Realistic for something like ‘Dreamalistic’.

When you find the time I would definitely check out the courses Skillshare has to offer to creatives. The online teachers are great, and it’s very affordable.


The Creative Entrepeneur 1


No art academy teaches you how to be an ENTREPENEUR. But being an illustrator, working for your self, you have to BECOME ONE. The sooner the better. After 8 years of being an illustrator, I have made some steps in the right direction already, but things can be better… and I will share some tips and tricks with you from now on.

After I graduated from Art Academy, with a Bachelor in Illustration, like every other illustrator, I wanted to draw, make cool stuff, find clients and earn my money doing so. Before becoming a fulltime illustrator, I combined my illustration work with working parttime on the side, so to insure I could pay the rent. After around 3 years I got assignments on a regular basis, and I could quit the part-time job. Lucky me! That’s what I thought.

I earned enough, and that was enough.
But enough is not enough anymore.

Since I became a mum, 3 1/2 years ago, many things have changed.
For one thing, the amounts of time I can work is now limited with being a mum, but also because some heavier life events crossed the way. My dear father died 3 years ago, which made the ground disappear underneath my feet. Last year my mother stayed in the hospital for three months and at this moment she still needs care taking. These things are part of life. You have to deal with it, take care in all kinds of ways, and keep the boat sailing at the same time.

With all these life events, being a partner, a mother and a daughter, I have to smarten up. A financial buffer,so things may go wrong and not everything falls apart all at once. I have to force myself to think of ways to earn more money in a smarter way. And still do what I love. So here is where I become an entrepreneur!

How to secure my income? How to earn more money? How to live with less worries and stress? This is what I intend to learn and change this year.

I will share this, because I know I’m not the only one who wants to find out new ways to earn money in a time where budgets are getting smaller. So let’s smarten up!


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