Fashion beliefs

The devil may wear PRADA… but the Salvation Army (Leger des Heils) wears… a lot of different uniforms all over the world. Maters&Hermsen asked me to draw some of them for the Dutch S.A. magazine named ‘Kans‘ which is send to supporters of the Salvation Army. This was actually my first ‘fashion’ related assignment ever ; )! God only knows what could be next…



First time for everything!

This summer I will make illustrations for the weekend editions of the Dutch/Amsterdam Newspaper Het Parool. It’s a series of articles called ‘The Vuurdoop’, where people who where afraid to take the first step are getting a little support.

This was the first one I did was two weekends ago.
A woman went to meet her ex-boyfriend over a cup of coffee after a long time of trying to avoid each other.
The second was published last weekend and it was about a Polish girl who is still learning to speak Dutch and dares herself to only speak Dutch for a whole day.

To be continued!


Run mama, run!

Dutch parenting magazine ‘Ouders van Nu’ asked me to illustrate an article on the sporty side of being a mum! Sometimes being a mum could count as sport ‘by itself’, which is very convenient, since mums often find it hard to get enough ‘official gym exercise’! (somehow I could relate to this subject… a lot). I wrote earlier about combining motherhood with work and household chores as a guest blogger for Flow Magazine. You can read it here!


Painted maps

For the Dutch magazine Libelle  I made 4 walking maps for their Special ‘250 dagjes uit’. I used aquarel paint and sometimes a little bit of pencil. This is 1 of the four maps I made, for a little village in the Netherlands called Bergen. It’s has been an artist village since 1900, and the combination of dunes, sandy beaches and wonderful forest makes it an inspiring place to be.




The assignment was super super nice! I also made a lot of stains-compositions, which I will show some other time!


23 x Natural Beauty

This time Margriet’s special was about beauty. Especially the beauty found in nature. The sound of the rhythm of the waves in the sea, deers in the morning sun, falling stars or a perfectly woven spiderweb… What a lovely assignment!






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