Make mistakes!

For the Dutch educational magazine Prikkels I illustrated an article about the importance of making mistakes. In the process of creation, wether this is art or in scientific experiments making mistakes leads to some true developments. I loved illustrating this article because this is something I sincerely believe in. And what was a really funny coincidence was that the person being interviewed about the subject is Astrid Poot, who was my super inspiring supervisor during the internship I did at IJsfontein 10 years ago. We worked together with a great team on some really cool projects, and she gave me a lot of responsibility as an intern, which makes you feel like your creativity counts and can move mountains. One of the projects was designing a website together with 10 elementary school kids. And that’s what we did, in between making mistakes and eating pancakes.




The Prikkels assignment was commissioned by Ykeswerk


Smulweb agenda 2016

Just arrived! The Smulweb agenda 2016 I have been illustrating for. It is filled with yummy recipes and a lot of illustrations by yours truly! The design was by Lokaal7 (Marieke Bokelman & Karlijne Brand), pictures by Beeldigbeeld, and published by Younity Media/Meta van den Boom. You can find it in shops like Bruna and Primera, or you can order it at the smulweb site.


The coral vase

Decisions, decisions… At Keramiek Centrum Amsterdam I worked on this coral vase for a couple of months. I build the vase out of rolls of clay, which took some weeks, so I had to keep the clay wet. After decorating the clay with little holes, it went into the oven and I had to decide on which color of glaze I would use. From the beginning I had this vision of a coral vase (the form), but could not decide on the color. I used little tests to see the result. And so it became a coral colored coral vase! It is still a work in proces actually, because I’m not decided on which flowers to go in it… (think the next bouquet could be a lot more ‘simple’or quiet)This is one of the big differences between working in assignment or working on an autonomous project. There is no deadline, so you can continue to doubt every single thing on and on. IMG_2941


The sadness of losing someone

The 3th illustration for the weekends edition of the Dutch/Amsterdam Newspaper Het Parool for a series of articles called ‘The Vuurdoop’ (in which  people who are afraid to take the first step are getting a little support).
This one was about a woman who was afraid to go walking though the forest again where she used to walk with her husband and dog. Both have past away, and this is the first time she walks alone. Haunted by memories and a little bit scared of meeting the dog-owners she used to greet when all was fine.
For me making this illustration was very personal. We all have our different ways of mourning, and I can say: it’s a really lonely thing to do. Not only do you miss the person (for me this was my dad), but no one exactly knows how you feel, and sometimes your feelings come so unexpected, even to yourself, which makes it hard for the people around you to know when and how they can help you.
What helped me the most was fun memories that people shared about my dad. To know that he had really meant something to people. That he had been, and still is important to them. I hope this article together with my illustration help a just tiny bit to be more open about death and mourning.


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