Yes yes! My first illustrated book! It came out in april already here in the Netherlands, and even a little earlier in Spain. The book, Shinrin-Yoku, that was written by Annette Lavrijsen, is now also translated to Italian, German, and soon a French edition will come out as well.
cover shinrin yoku
I’m so pleased to show off this project, because it was a dream come true to illustrate a book. Also I couldn’t be happier with the subject: Shinrin-yoku. The book is about the Japanese phenomenon that translates to ‘Forest bathing’. The concept and the practice (by certain exercises and tasks) was developed in Japan in the beginning of the 80’s. This form of nature therapy helps to find a good way to cope with inner city demands, reduces stress, and improves your concentration and energy level. Forest bathing proves to be beneficial for your health in many ways – mentally as well as physically.

fly leafs shrine-yoku
I got to illustrate the fly leafs and the cover as well!

The cover and the fly leafs were in full colour, and I do love to be able to choose a lovely colour palette. Inside though was a whole other challenge. For the illustrations I could only use black and one other colour, which was a pantone green I got to choose.
houseplants Shinrin-yoku

It was a wonderful challenge which to find a nice mix of grey tones, black, white and green.

Earth chapter - Shinrin-yoku
I loved working together with the writer Annette Lavrijsen, and the publisher, Ageeth Heising from publishing house Ambo Anthos. It was really great to team up with this smart, strong and supernice ladies.
snail shinrin-yoku

If you got curious about this book, check out my Instagramaccount where I set a challenge for myself of #100daysofshinrinyoku The book is a really nice and inspiring read, makes you want to go into the forest more often en really experience it with all your senses. You can order the Dutch version here.

Publishing houses of Shirin-Yoku by Annette Lavrijsen, with my illustrations:
The Netherlands: Ambo Anthos
Spain: Lince
Germany: Bastei Lübbe
Italy: Giunti Editore
France: Editions Larousse (expected)

pile of books - shinrin-yoku



Well, I’m back! It’s been almost a year since I blogged. All the energy went into teaching, and instagramming, and family matters… and I needed some time of. Now things are getting back on track again, and so I pick it up from here. And there’s lot’s of news to share with you, so let’s start with this one!

For Flow-magazine I began to illustrate a series of illustrated quotes. The series is called ‘New Thinkers’ (Nieuwe Denkers in Dutch). Every issue a great mind is speaking about temporary issues.

I’m really happy to be illustrating such a wonderful series, so check it out. This is the first one, and it has a special meaning to me, as I already wrote on Instagram.



I was superduper thrilled when Wildernis Amsterdam asked me to design two enamel pins for them. Last year I drew their windows and exhibited in their inspirational and wonderful plantshop at the Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam, that now celebrates it’s 2nd anniversary. Check out my earlier blogpost to see what that looked like.

Now I designed the two pins and their packages and they are for sale at Wildernis for 9.95 euros. AND a very limited bunch of this Pilea and Monstera pins is for sale in my Etsyshop as well : )

Pilea pin

Monstera pin

The diameter of both these pins is 3 cm at the largest point. Check out the small bunch of them I sell on Etsy.


SMULT spring issue

Smult is a beautiful designed magazine from the kitchen of Smulweb. And I was so happy to be asked to make illustrations for this quarterly magazine. We started of now with the spring issue, and the summer issue is already going to the printers now!

For this Spring Issue I made 3 Schoolplates about vegetables that you can eat from head to toe (or from flower to root…).

Also many more smaller illustrations al throughout the magazine. For this assignment I dived into gouache for the first time since really long ago… and I really liked it! Sometimes I used it in the same way as aquarel paint, but it’s nice to choose to sometimes make it more opaque. Also I like that you can put on lighter colours on top of darker colours.

Very happy with the results and the magazine all together!



QUOTES for Flow

For Flow’s Mindfulness and Creativity Special I illustrated 7 quotes. Quotes that come at the right moment in your life are like sort of a coach that help you through something. Something to cope with, something to achieve, or some change of perspective that you were looking for. Sometimes it helps to remember what matters most. I collect some of the best quotes on my pinterest.

So off course I was really pleased to make these quotes for Flow’s Special. And even more so that one of the quotes got chosen as the cover! How cool is that?! Soon the English version will be there.
The picture of the cover was made by Kimberly Russel who has a beautiful blog about Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle with a natural twist.

Emmy Storm made a lovely animation of this issue, where you can see many more of these quotes and the rest of this issue. I am so proud to be in this one, and truly in love with all the nice goodies inside, like a long table cloth that you can colour in and air balloon garland by Anita Makhoul (I think her work is amazing!)

Picture above by IMAKIN – DIY Design who wrote a great blogpost about this Flow issue.

Picture of the back again by Kimberly Russel.
You can order your own copy of the Mindfulness and Creativity issue at Flow’s website. And also, for some more inspirational quotes (many in Dutch): quotes that inspire.

Be inspired!


GREEN SPRING – illustration course

DATUM: 6 donderdagen vanaf 2 februari
TIJD: 13.00 – 16.00
PRIJS: € 350,– voor 6 lessen OF € 180,– voor 3 lessen (les 1 – 3 of 4 – 6)

Op 6 donderdagen zullen Claudi Kessels en ik weer een illustratiecursus geven. De illustratielessen zijn van 13.00 tot 16.00, steeds één keer in de twee
weken, vanuit het prachtige Atelier Oosterbosch in hartje Jordaan. Onze cursus is voor
iedereen die graag wil leren illustreren en meer over de veelzijdigheid van het vak
wil weten.
botanical workshop
Tijdens de cursusdagen zal het volgende aan bod komen:
Illustratietechnieken tekenen, schilderen, inkt, waterverf, collage
Stijlontwikkeling stijl experimenten, compositie, kleurgebruik,
contrasten, lijntekening, vorm / vlak
Vakinhoudelijke kennis klantencontact, redactioneel, product, hoe stuur je iets op? waar laat je iets maken? acquisitie
ConceptontwikkelingHoe vertaal je een tekst naar een helder communicatief
beeld met een eigen twist?
Basis digitale technieken Een scan schoonmaken, selecteren, werken in lagen,
kleuren aanpassen, werken met maskers, drukklaar
maken van een bestand

Er zullen laagdrempelige teken- en stijlopdrachten zijn die je losmaken van je
zelfkritiek of twijfel. Hiermee starten we iedere les en ze vormen een opstap naar
een afgerond werk. Veel tekenen, uitproberen en ‘kijken’ hoe anderen werken helpt je
om tot je eigen handschrift te komen.
De lessen worden tweewekelijks gegeven in Atelier Oosterbosch

Verder zullen we inzicht geven in het werk van een illustrator
en je tips geven hoe je zelf aan de slag kunt gaan.
Iedere les krijg je een ‘briefing’ voor een opdracht voor je illustratiewerk. Tijdens de
lessen kan een start gemaakt worden met deze opdracht en je kunt er thuis aan verder
werken. We bespreken het werk tijdens een volgende les: het is enorm inspirerend en
waardevol om te zien hoe je medecursisten met de opdracht omgaan en reageren op je
werk. Je kan er natuurlijk ook voor kiezen om je werk -of ouder werk- één op één te bespreken.

Les 1 Green Guests 2 februari: introductie • productillustratie • basis patroonontwerp
Les 2 Let’s go outside 16 februari: botanische illustratie • handlettering
Les 3 Food 2 maart: recept • redactionele of product opdracht
Les 4 Music and lyrics 16 maart: redactioneel • storytelling • omslag illustratie
Les 5 Sunny characters 30 maart: karakters • mensen • emoties
Les 6 Paper spring 6 april: collage • werken met papier • bloem

Heb je interesse?
Geef je op via of


Wij bieden ook workshops aan deze lente, er zijn nog plekken vrij bij:
zondag 19 februari food
zondag 12 maart watercolour/ deco

tijd : 10.30 – 16.00 uur
prijs: 70,00 Euro plus lunch, materialen en BTW.


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