Sweet Water

Illustrated spread for the autumn issue of WNF magazine Panda. Autumn issue… ahum, yes, I have been way behind posting on my blog here, since the teaching in Utrecht and Amsterdam took a lot of preparations. The Amsterdam ‘back to school course’ just finished, so I can pick things up again!
Sweet water such as rivers and lakes are of great value to humans, animals and plants. Article about the importance of freeing rivers from dams and reservoirs. What a fun assignment this was, drawing all the animals and plants that live nearby sweet water.
panda sweet water


Wildernis expo

In case you haven’t paid a visit to Wildernis at Bilderdijkstraat 165 F in Amsterdam, please do so! It is such an inspiring place. Plants hang from the ceiling, terrariums, watering cans and gardening tools line the shelves: it is a true urban oase. You can image I was really exited when they asked me to illustrate their windows, and prepare an exhibition. The exhibition started the beginning of september, and I made a postcard, 2 posters, a collage and some nice gifttags especially for Wildernis.

The window filled with little beetles, butterflies and plants

Drawing a beetle and the postcard I made for Wildernis

Cactusposter and detail of the window

Opening hours
Monday closedTtuesday 10.00 – 18.00
Wednesday 10.00 – 18.00
Thursday 10.00 – 18.00
Friday 10.00 – 18.00
Saturday 11.00 – 18.00
Sunday 12.00 – 17.00


Back to school! 6 days of illustration

BACK TO SCHOOL – een nieuwe illustratiecursus onder een nieuwe naam

DATUM: 6 donderdagen (om de week) vanaf 8 september
TIJD: 13.00 – 16.00
PLAATS: Atelier OOSTERBOSCH – Vinkenstraat 154, Amsterdam
PRIJS: 350,- (incl. btw) voor 6 lessen OF 175,- (incl. btw) voor 3 lessen (les 1-3 of les 4-6)

Hoera! Illustration Studio Claudi & Valesca is een feit! Voortaan geven Claudi Kessels en ik onze lessen onder deze naam. Om dit te vieren beginnen we met een expositie bij Atelier Oosterbosch op 4 september (zie de vorige blogpost). De lessen zullen vanaf 8 september eens in de twee weken plaats vinden, zodat cursisten (lekker rustig aan!) veel tijd hebben voor eigen onderzoek en het geleerde in de praktijk te brengen. Er zullen laagdrempelige teken en stijlopdrachten zijn die je losmaken van zelfkritiek of twijfel. Hiermee starten we iedere les en deze vormen een opstap naar een afgerond werk. Je zult inzicht krijgen in het werk van een illustrator en we geven je tips geven hoe je zelf aan de slag kunt gaan.

Tijdens de cursusdagen zal het volgende aan bod komen:
Illustratietechnieken: tekenen, schilderen, inkt, waterverf, collage
Stijlontwikkeling: stijl experimenten, compositie, kleurgebruik, contrasten, lijntekening, vorm/vlak)
Vakinhoudelijke kennis: waar laat je iets maken? klantencontact, hoe stuur je iets op? redactioneel/product, acquisitie
Conceptontwikkeling: hoe vertaal je een tekst naar een helder communicatief beeld met een eigen twist?
Basis digitale technieken: Een scan schoonmaken, selecteren werken in lagen, kleuren aanpassen, werken met maskers, drukklaar maken van een bestand

Cursusdata zijn:
Blok A 8 sept, 22 sept, 6 okt (hierna 1 week extra vrij ivm herfstvakantie)
Blok B 27 okt, 10 nov, 24 nov
Heb je interesse, stuur dan een mailtje naar post@claudikessels.nl of mail@valescavanwaveren.com


>>> BACK TO SCHOOL – a new illustration course under a new name

Claudi Kessels and I proudly present: Illustration Studio Claudi & Valesca! After the kick-off exhibition on the 4th of september (see the earlier post) we will give a six days illustration course, with a slow pace (once every two weeks) from Atelier Oosterbosch. By doing so our students have plenty of time to make homework and digest all that they have learned! We will set up an inspiring program.
Every two weeks we will start our lessons with some easy assignments to get in the creative mood and get rid of creative self-criticism and doubts. This will be a first step in making your final creations. During the lessons you will learn about: different illustration techniques, developing your own style, illustration as a profession, concept development, and digital basics.

Coursedates on Thursdays are:
Bloc A 8 sept, 22 sept, 6 oct (1 week extra ‘no school’ because of autumn holiday )
Bloc B 27 oct, 10 nov, 24 nov

TIME: 1 till 4 PM
PLACE: Atelier OOSTERBOSCH – Vinkenstraat 154, Amsterdam
PRICE: 350,- (incl. TAX) voor 6 lessen OF 175,- (incl. TAX) voor 3 lessen (lesson 1-3 of lesson 4-6)


Illustration Studio Claudi & Valesca

EXPOSITIE WATERWERELD samen met Claudi Kessels in Atelier Oosterbosch
(see below for English)
OPENING: zondag 4 september 2016
TIJD: 16.00-18.00
PLAATS: Atelier OOSTERBOSCH – Vinkenstraat 154, Amsterdam
Illustratie ‘Bearded sailor’ door Claudi Kessels, illustraties rechts door Valesca van Waveren

Na de zomervakantie starten illustrator Claudi Kessels en ik samen officieel onze ‘Illustration Studio’
De workshops die Claudi en ik de afgelopen 2 jaar hebben gegeven op verschillende locaties waaronder Meet The Blogger Amsterdam, Flavourites Live, Show Up event alsook vanuit onze eigen studio hebben zich ontwikkeld tot een inspirerend programma, en het heeft zijn vruchten afgeworpen.

Cursisten zijn enthousiast en blijven elkaar motiveren. Er zijn voor de cursisten mooie opdrachten uit voortgekomen (o.a. voor Flow, Elle en voor verschillende restaurants) en een mooie feature door (aaaah!) the Jealous Curator. (Jaaaa, wij zijn natuurlijk hartstikke trots op onze getalenteerde groep)

Dit alles heeft bijgedragen aan mooie plannen voor het nieuwe jaar. Om deze plannen te presenteren is iedereen van harte welkom bij de feestelijke opening van de illustratie studio, die we starten met een expositie in Atelier Oosterbosch.
Links Atelier Oosterbosch, rechts illustratie Valesca van Waveren ‘de Vuurdoop’ voor het Parool.

Vanaf 8 september starten Claudi en ik met nieuwe (tweewekelijkse) illustratielessen! Hierover zeer binnenkort meer op dit blog.

EXHIBITION WATERWORLD together with Claudi Kessels.
OPENING: sunday september 4th 2016
TIME: 16.00-18.00
PLACE: Atelier OOSTERBOSCH – Vinkenstraat 154, Amsterdam

After the summer holidays, Illustrator Claudi Kessels and I will officially start our ‘Illustration Studio’. Teaming up several times a year to give Illustration workshops! In the last two years we have had the pleasure of hosting workshops at several locations such as Meet the Blogger Amsterdam, Favorites Live, Show Up event and also in our own studio’s. We have developed an inspiring program, and can be proud of our students.

Participants are enthusiastic about the course and form an inspiring group that continuous to motivate each other. Resulting in beautiful assignments for a.o. Flow Magazine, Elle, and several restaurants, as well as an interview with (aaaah!) the Jealous Curator! (You can imagine how proud we are of our talented group of students)

This all contributed to new plans for the coming year. To present our plans we welcome everybody to the opening party of the illustration studio, kicking of with an exhibitor in Atelier Oosterbosch.

From september 8th onwards Claudi and I will start new biweekly illustration lessons. More about this soon on this blog!


Kalopsia window

It was really nice to meet Roos Petrie, the owner of ‘Doorless shop’ Kalopsia at Haarlemmerdijk 171 in Amsterdam. She makes a new ‘still life’ in her window display every month, with inspiring products around that month’s theme. This month the theme was ‘Let it Rain’, an ode to rain.

The idea behind the window is that everything we see influences the way we feel and think about things.

Beautiful things can uplift you and inspire you. I think it’s wonderful how Roos changes our view on windows, and by doing so, she makes life a little more beautiful.

I hade fun making a lot of different drops, to celebrate rain. Also a pink cloud in the back. When the light shines in the window, you can see shades of drops coming out of the cloud.

Rainproof– info on Rainprojects in Amsterdam
Waterdicht Amsterdam Anorak Raincape
The Brelli -Brelli, awesome umbrella that looks like a parasol!
Wollepop -second hand rainbow boots (I had them to when I was a kid!)
For the Koga Miyata bike, you can contact Roos Petrie.

Kalopsia is now featured in the 5th edition of Flow Magazine.


Teaching at UCK in Utrecht

Hi there! From september till november I’ll be teaching at UCK in Utrecht at tuesday evenings. I will be replacing fellow illustrator and friend (and fellow mum!) Kim Welling during her maternity leave. She is expecting a second little one✨! I am honoured and happy Kim asked me to do this. In this lessons you will learn illustrating ‘analogue’ and ‘digital’. There is a room filled with computers, a beamer, and lot’s of material. Really looking forward to this. I love handmade works, flaws and mistakes. But I am so so gratefull for the possibilities of photoshop. It allows me to play a little in the composition, to combine elements I like best, and to adjust colors until I’m happy. So this is something I really enjoy teaching.
In 12 evenings I will introduce you to illustration and working digitally. Enjoying painting/drawing/making is a first requirement and a basic computer knowledge is wanted. We will be scanning our handmade works, and I will learn lot’s of tips and tricks, mostly in Photoshop. It would be wise to order get photoshop in advance just so you can get to know the program. UCK has a really nice students offer!

If you are interested in a ‘les digital focused’ workshop in Amsterdam: Claudi Kessels and I are making new (september) plans for a workshop where the focus is more on working ‘analogue’. If you want us to keep you posted on that, please mail Claudi Kessels or me.


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