Time to live

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a holiday in Greece with Jona and Levi and I’m really looking forward to it!
Since the packing is not done yet, I’ll keep it short this time.

The image above I made for the exhibition I will be having in october and november at Friday Next.
Friday Next is a wonderful interiorshop at the Overtoom in my hometown Amsterdam, which I will gladly tell you more about in another post. I feel absolutely thrilled to be exhibiting there.

I’m a sucker for great interiors and styling, as you can tell from my pinterest board:

And then there is FLOW Magazine. I am very honored to be writing this months guestblog for them. I felt really inspired by earlier post from Kim Welling, Maartje Kuipers and others, so hopefully my contribution can add up to that. http://www.flowmagazine.nl

Next week I won’t be blogging here since I won’t touch my computer for a week, but I prepared a post about ceramics for Flow magazine which you can read september 10th.


Rubik’s cube


As most kids of my age, I grew up with the Rubik’s cube. This 1974 invention of Ernő Rubik of Hungary, fascinated people around the globe and became one of the most popular games in the early 1980s, having been initially released as the Magic Cube in Hungary in late 1977 (my year of birth!).

I remember at one point I was really quick in solving it, but when I know get a hold of it, I’m completely lost. Somehow this tells me I must have gotten a little dumber through the years.

But! I made a few giclée prints of the Rubik’s cube I drew for Libelle Blos (will be released 4th of september). If you would like to receive a signed copy please mail me at mail@valescavanwaveren.com


Giclée print pencil drawing ‘Rubik’s cube’
printed on 270 grs high quality 270 grams white etching paper
size 12 x 12 cm
18 euro (excl. shipping costs)


Old toys and games

mikado drawing

I love to draw things, especially old things. Things that have gone through hands, through time, and have therefore a story to tell. They are used, have rusty parts, or parts that are worn out.

So I was really happy when Libelle Blos called me to draw some vintage toys and games. I cannot show you everything yet, cause it is still a surprise. But I can show something of the work in progress.

When I draw I mostly start out with a fineliner pencil. So the drawing is actually black and white until I scan it into my computer. There I change the colors and combine it with other scans of painted layers. I love the combination of making something hand drawn, and the computer giving me the freedom to play with it until I get it right.

Here you see the result of one of the games, but there is 13 more! Libelle Blos will be out on the 4th of september.



August: summer celebrations


We celebrated Levi’s 3th birthday on the 10th of August. It’s so nice to see that he’s now really enjoying the whole concept of having a birthday. Songs, cheers, presents, cake and lots of visitors.
Super happy times!

And fate has it, that it’s also my husbands birthday, on the 12th of august. Double hurray!!
I took him to a lovely restaurant in nearby, while a friend om mine was babysitting, and we had our little afterparty for two.


Then something nice from Flow Magazine! They are touring around with a Volkswagen Van and will be at ‘Bloemendaal aan Zee’, at ‘Camping de Lakens’ today and tomorrow. Check out there touring agenda at Flow. Also check out the nice guestblog of Kim Welling, who wrote especially for Flow.



New Everything


Welcome to my new site valescavanwaveren.com. After 7 years of working under the name of Valezki and getting to know more and more what it is what I want to do and make, it was time to become more transparent.

So here I am. Valesca van Waveren at valescavanwaveren.com. Here you will find my portfolio, with everything I love to make. Vintage, botanics, cute stuff, ceramics and more: take a look!

This blog will be about the bits and pieces of life that I love. You will find some of my work in progress, places or events I love to go and new work that I made. I hope to inspire or raise a little smile from time to time.

Earlier blogposts you can read right here:

So far about the new site and new blog! What else is new…

I’ve moved to a new studio! My studiomate Aura Scaringi from Mimimou and me are still inside The Winkel van Schinkel (at the 2e Schinkelstraat 39-43, 1075 TR Amsterdam) BUT moved inside the building. We have a lovely light and bright place were we work as much as we can.

It was our dream to have a little shop (in REAL LIFE). In a corner of our studio we made a little space to show our guests what we have in store. We call it Boutique Fantastique. Cause that’s wat it is.

Hope you drop by in our little (analog) Boutique Fantastique , but only one at the time please. Cause… well, we need time to draw. And good things take time.


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