Kalopsia window

It was really nice to meet Roos Petrie, the owner of ‘Doorless shop’ Kalopsia at Haarlemmerdijk 171 in Amsterdam. She makes a new ‘still life’ in her window display every month, with inspiring products around that month’s theme. This month the theme was ‘Let it Rain’, an ode to rain.

The idea behind the window is that everything we see influences the way we feel and think about things.

Beautiful things can uplift you and inspire you. I think it’s wonderful how Roos changes our view on windows, and by doing so, she makes life a little more beautiful.

I hade fun making a lot of different drops, to celebrate rain. Also a pink cloud in the back. When the light shines in the window, you can see shades of drops coming out of the cloud.

Rainproof– info on Rainprojects in Amsterdam
Waterdicht Amsterdam Anorak Raincape
The Brelli -Brelli, awesome umbrella that looks like a parasol!
Wollepop -second hand rainbow boots (I had them to when I was a kid!)
For the Koga Miyata bike, you can contact Roos Petrie.

Kalopsia is now featured in the 5th edition of Flow Magazine.


Teaching at UCK in Utrecht

Hi there! From september till november I’ll be teaching at UCK in Utrecht at tuesday evenings. I will be replacing fellow illustrator and friend (and fellow mum!) Kim Welling during her maternity leave. She is expecting a second little one✨! I am honoured and happy Kim asked me to do this. In this lessons you will learn illustrating ‘analogue’ and ‘digital’. There is a room filled with computers, a beamer, and lot’s of material. Really looking forward to this. I love handmade works, flaws and mistakes. But I am so so gratefull for the possibilities of photoshop. It allows me to play a little in the composition, to combine elements I like best, and to adjust colors until I’m happy. So this is something I really enjoy teaching.
In 12 evenings I will introduce you to illustration and working digitally. Enjoying painting/drawing/making is a first requirement and a basic computer knowledge is wanted. We will be scanning our handmade works, and I will learn lot’s of tips and tricks, mostly in Photoshop. It would be wise to order get photoshop in advance just so you can get to know the program. UCK has a really nice students offer!

If you are interested in a ‘les digital focused’ workshop in Amsterdam: Claudi Kessels and I are making new (september) plans for a workshop where the focus is more on working ‘analogue’. If you want us to keep you posted on that, please mail Claudi Kessels or me.



If you aren’t on Instagram yet, this might be the moment to do so! From the 19th of April it will be the start of the 100 day project. You commit to doing something you feel passionate about for 100 days. I am quit sure this will feed your creativity. When I said out loud: I want to make a pattern a day I already felt quite nervous! But very soon after that while doing day to day chores like cutting vegetables I thought: hey, if this could ‘count’ as a pattern, then I will manage. I can lay out those carrots in a certain way so it makes a pattern. So I’ll manage. I think!
If you are up to setting a challenge too, hashtag with #the100dayproject. Or follow my daily pattern making (good and bad!) on my instafeed.



Thanks to Ella Luna Pictures above are from her instafeed!
The Great Discontent also organized this in 2015, check out their site for some more inspiration!


ShowUP Event

Here are some impressions of the workshop I did at the showUP Trade Show for Home and Gift, 23th and 24th of august. The location, right outside, next to the Chocolate stand and the Coffeebar, was excellent, the weather was nice, and there were lovely people (big and small) who were attending my workshop. In short I was glad to be part of it.

In case you weren’t there, here’s a nice and small selection, to get the impression:
Interior stylist Marie Gon gave a really inspiring lecture!
There was a really nice duo called Siebring&Zoetmulder: really lovely stuff. One makes prints and pillows (and more) and the other one makes cabinets and tables (and more), and both suit each other perfectly.
There were the lovely mum and gorgeous daughters from the brand Sloppop: If you like it! Wear it! (well I think I’m going to put some nice oversized 80’s inspired dress on my birthday wish list!)
And there was a brand called Fest Amsterdam, who use all my home-dream-colors, that speak to my heart.

Next event is planned 7th and 8th of february, put it in your agenda!

The crime scene, where watercolor stains could be found.
The girls from Sloppop!
Peeling of a mask quickly! The experiment worked well!
A place in the sun
Watercolor example
Standing next to a chocolate stand and a coffee bar (not bad!)


The Creative Entrepeneur 5

When you have a creative job like me, driven by your passion and ambitions, and also being a human being that wants to lead a healthy and valuable life, maybe the toughest thing about this job is deciding to say no sometimes. Saying no to one thing, gives you the freedom to do the other thing (wether this is another creative assignment or spending time with your son), but what if saying no is ‘the most stupid thing you’ll ever do’…

Image by Giesla Hoelscher appeared in UPPERCASE magazine. (Hangs in our toilet).

Why is it so hard? There are many BELIEFS on why you should or should not take on the assignment or commitment. Many of those beliefs are not real. Some beliefs might be real, but you should check if they are, and maybe in the end it isn’t that bad when they are.

Beliefs like: ‘they will never ask me again’, ‘they will think I’m arrogant’, ‘they will think I’m ungratefull’, ‘I should do it, because it is family’, ‘I’m to expensive for them’, ‘they will find someone else’. All these beliefs stand in the way of a clear mind and a clear focus on what it is that you REALLY SHOULD do.

This year I treated myself to a Workshop from Bespoke Coaching, founded by the lovely miss Joanna Krolikowska. The workshop was about finding and keeping your focus. Not by excluding any distraction from your work, but by finding out what those beliefs actually were, and tacle them, so you can stick to your personal goals (work related as well as life related!). One of the words that Joanna spoke was to find CLARITY. This is the word I always have in mind when I feel that my decision is right.

I wrote this post with my son in mind, who today became 4 years old and is now ready to go to school. Love him to bits!


Colourful houses, plants and black beaches

And we’re back!
I’m sharing just a couple of pictures of the wonderful Canarian island La Palma. I could put my blog full of lovely pictures, because the place is just amazing. Because of it’s vulcanian eruptions in the past, the ground is very fertile, which makes the nature incredibly diverse. The black beaches and the green hills make the place feel like another planet. Oh and I loved the colorful houses, and how they stand out in between the grey and black stones of the island. There was just so much to see! In the same time, we took it very easy and did a lot of swimming in pools and in the sea. AND we even got to see dolphins in the sea! It was the first time for all of us. If you like to see more pictures of La Palma, check out my travel pics on Instagram.












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