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ShowUP Event

Here are some impressions of the workshop I did at the showUP Trade Show for Home and Gift, 23th and 24th of august. The location, right outside, next to the Chocolate stand and the Coffeebar, was excellent, the weather was nice, and there were lovely people (big and small) who were attending my workshop. In short I was glad to be part of it.

In case you weren’t there, here’s a nice and small selection, to get the impression:
Interior stylist Marie Gon gave a really inspiring lecture!
There was a really nice duo called Siebring&Zoetmulder: really lovely stuff. One makes prints and pillows (and more) and the other one makes cabinets and tables (and more), and both suit each other perfectly.
There were the lovely mum and gorgeous daughters from the brand Sloppop: If you like it! Wear it! (well I think I’m going to put some nice oversized 80’s inspired dress on my birthday wish list!)
And there was a brand called Fest Amsterdam, who use all my home-dream-colors, that speak to my heart.

Next event is planned 7th and 8th of february, put it in your agenda!

The crime scene, where watercolor stains could be found.
The girls from Sloppop!
Peeling of a mask quickly! The experiment worked well!
A place in the sun
Watercolor example
Standing next to a chocolate stand and a coffee bar (not bad!)


Kitchen Walls

So cool! Kitchen Walls asked me to design a wallpaper especially for kitchens. A brand new, revolutonaire product. The wallpapers are waterproof, heat resistant, very easy to clean an reusable. I think it’s a great alternative for kitchen tiles. It is a lot more friendly for your wallet, but most important: doing the dishes will be a lot more fun!
kitchenwalls_keukenbehang_VW001_vierkant_Valesca van Waveren
kitchenwalls_designer collection_valesca van waveren_VW001

My other designs for Kitchenwalls:
The one with the green stains
The one with the blue stains
All wallpapers can be ordered at Behangfabriek.com, size 60×300 cm, 145 euro (incl.21% VAT). Delivery time 1-2 weeks


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