Teaching at UCK in Utrecht

Hi there! From september till november I’ll be teaching at UCK in Utrecht at tuesday evenings. I will be replacing fellow illustrator and friend (and fellow mum!) Kim Welling during her maternity leave. She is expecting a second little one‚ú®! I am honoured and happy Kim asked me to do this. In this lessons you will learn illustrating ‘analogue’ and ‘digital’. There is a room filled with computers, a beamer, and lot’s of material. Really looking forward to this. I love handmade works, flaws and mistakes. But I am so so gratefull for the possibilities of photoshop. It allows me to play a little in the composition, to combine elements I like best, and to adjust colors until I’m happy. So this is something I really enjoy teaching.
In 12 evenings I will introduce you to illustration and working digitally. Enjoying painting/drawing/making is a first requirement and a basic computer knowledge is wanted. We will be scanning our handmade works, and I will learn lot’s of tips and tricks, mostly in Photoshop. It would be wise to order get photoshop in advance just so you can get to know the program. UCK has a really nice students offer!

If you are interested in a ‘les digital focused’ workshop in Amsterdam: Claudi Kessels and I are making new (september) plans for a workshop where the focus is more on working ‘analogue’. If you want us to keep you posted on that, please mail Claudi Kessels or me.